[Mod_log_sql] mod_log_sql in debian

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Sat Nov 4 13:27:36 EST 2006


I'm trying to get mod_log_sql entering Debian official tree. I've been
working with daniel at debian.org that is my upload sponsor for it. The
debian package is now in quite good shape, and it includes my patch for
the scoreboard (keeping the total hits and bytes for each hosted sites
in a single table), but I have 2 issues.

1/ I can't find the ./configure option to add support for pgsql and have
the mod_log_sql_pgsql.c compile. Please send me the correct param if you

2/ Under Debian, I didn't find any mod_ssl.h for apache 1.3, it was
there only for apache2. I wonder if it was ok that I use the mod_ssl.h
from apache2 to do the compilation. Also, does mod_log_sql_ssl.c links
against libssl?

Please try to answer quickly so we have a chance to get it uploaded
before the release of Etch at the end of this year.


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