[Mod_log_sql] mod_log_sql in debian

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Sat Nov 4 17:25:08 EST 2006

Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm trying to get mod_log_sql entering Debian official tree. I've been
> working with daniel at debian.org that is my upload sponsor for it. The
> debian package is now in quite good shape, and it includes my patch for
> the scoreboard (keeping the total hits and bytes for each hosted sites
> in a single table), but I have 2 issues.

Do you have the scoreboard patch handy?  Can you create and attach it to
an issue on issues.outoforder.cc  I will be working on mod_log_sql this
weekend and pushing out an update, mainly with the addition of logging
ACTUAL incoming and outgoing byte data (ie. mod_logio data).

> 1/ I can't find the ./configure option to add support for pgsql and have
> the mod_log_sql_pgsql.c compile. Please send me the correct param if you
> can.

Unfortunately. the PGSQL is not finished at all (thus why it is not in

> 2/ Under Debian, I didn't find any mod_ssl.h for apache 1.3, it was
> there only for apache2. I wonder if it was ok that I use the mod_ssl.h
> from apache2 to do the compilation. Also, does mod_log_sql_ssl.c links
> against libssl?

apache 1.3/mod_ssl doesn't install the mod_ssl.h and associated headers
during install so they either need to be manually copied, or  have the
apache 1.3/mod_ssl build modified to install those headers.

mod_log_sql_ssl does not link against libssl it only calls the functions
in the mod_ssl module to access the data it needs to.

> Please try to answer quickly so we have a chance to get it uploaded
> before the release of Etch at the end of this year.
> Thomas
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