[Mod_log_sql] Funny table names patch

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Sun Apr 27 07:33:07 EDT 2008


There was some bug reported in the Unbuntu's launchpad, so I had to do
the attached patch. This escapes the table names with `` before the SQL
queries. Please include that in the next version of mod_log_sql.

I have asked my sponsor to upload the new Debian package that includes
this patch (version 1.100-12) in SID. I hope it's going to be uploaded
very soon, before the next Ubuntu is out (remember: Unbuntu takes SID as
upstream, so because mod_log_sql is in SID, it is also in ubuntu).

When this is fully resolved, we will work on a new version of the Debian
package that uses 1.101 as new upstream version. But as we don't want to
break any production server, we will have to make automatic updates to
the SQL database to include the new fields. Here is the plan:

* Stops Apache
* Ask the user for the MySQL server credentials (host, user, pass) with
ALTER privileges for the mod_log_sql database
* Then ask the user for the database name
* Then supply a list of tables and ask conformation if we may add the
two fields to these tables.
* Then we alter all these tables
* Starts Apache

If we do this, would you be interested in having the script so that in
can be included in upstream releases too? Please let me know.

Also, does any of you knows a RELIABLE and EASY way to get the login and
password for the SQL database out of the apache configuration? That
would be great to be able to do this, so we could get the login and
password from the config files directly, but as there are lot's of
include possibilities, it might be quite hard to do it.

Thomas Goirand (Debian maintainer for mod_log_sql)

P.S: For those who doesn't know, mod_log_sql is called
"libapache-mod-log-sql" as source package, and the binaries are called
libapache2-mod-log-sql* in SID (apache 1.3 support has been dropped, so
the source package is not generating them any more)

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