[Mod_log_sql] Funny table names patch

Edward Rudd urkle at outoforder.cc
Sun Apr 27 08:34:29 EDT 2008

On Apr 27, 2008, at 7:33 AM, Thomas Goirand wrote:
> Hi,

Thanks for the patch..  would you mind attaching it to http:// 
I'll be starting into mod_log_sql development again, now that some  
other bigger projects are completed. (http://www.penumbra- 
overture.com/ and http://www.penumbrablackplague.com/site/)

> If we do this, would you be interested in having the script so that in
> can be included in upstream releases too? Please let me know.

I would very much like the script yes.   mod_log_sql SVN is in a  
transition stage with a new configuration system to handle table  
configuration.  So instead of saying I want to log "V"  you would log  
"virtual_host" and you can configure "virtual_host" to be logging the  
virtual_host metric into the table field "MyVHost"  along with  
associated data types (VARCHAR(255)).    So that I can write a  
mechanism that will upgrade the DB tables, when the configuration  
changes.  Also I have a DBD module for mod_log_sql for use with  
apache 2.2 (aka proper threading support with on demand DB  

> Also, does any of you knows a RELIABLE and EASY way to get the  
> login and
> password for the SQL database out of the apache configuration? That
> would be great to be able to do this, so we could get the login and
> password from the config files directly, but as there are lot's of
> include possibilities, it might be quite hard to do it.

yup.. tis quite fun.. the only easy way is to just parse in the  
"Include" directive and follow the includes and watch for the  
mod_log_sql configuration directives.

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