[Mod_log_sql] A bug repported in ubuntu, score_board patch & latest version of mod_log_sql

Thomas Goirand thomas at goirand.fr
Mon Mar 31 09:05:10 EDT 2008


This has been reported to me:


Edward, do you think you could make a patch for this?

Also, how about my patch for score_board? It has been running in MANY
servers (in fact all the one running the Debian or Ubuntu package) and
is quite stable, I'd appreciate if you could back port it to the current
version of mod_log_sql. I can send to you the latest version if you want.

Last thing: do you have a shell script to upgrade the tables to support
the latest addition of the last version, so this could be done
automatically? Do you think it could be possible to upgrade the tables
automatically by mod_log_sql, so we'd have no administrative work to do?
I'd happily release a package with the latest version, but this issue is
quite a problem for currently installed servers.

Thomas Goirand

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