[Modules] Apache2 bugs a lots after installation of mod_vhost_dbi + mod_dbi_pool

Frederic Notet fred at 2make2.eu
Fri Feb 1 10:06:43 EST 2008


First, sorry for my english, i'm a "poor" belgian boy who speak  
french :p

I recently installed a new server (Debian ETCH) with Apache2 and those  
2 modules :



My install was held as follows :


(sorry it's in french... )

First, i had an error "Result has no User row"... So i changed the  
Mysql Request for this having it :

"SELECT ServerName, DocumentRoot, Userame AS User FROM dynapache WHERE  
ServerName =&{RequestHostName}"

... and this error disappears

BUT my apache2 bugs a lot and melange ServeName and DocumentRoot...

I have a lot of differents ServerName and after a while, when a  
request one, the server send me an DocumentRoot but not always the  
good one...

I have to restart Apache2 and all works fine for a while... And all  
bugs again...

I don't have any error message... just the wrong documentroot...

Anyone already had this problem ? How can i resolv it ?

Thanks a lot,


Server Version: Apache/2.2.3 (Debian) PHP/5.2.0-8+etch9 mod_dbi_pool/ 
0.1.0 mod_vhost_dbi/0.1.0
Server Built: Sep 22 2007 20:36:49

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