[Modules] mod_gnutls

George J. Walsh gjwalsh at dscvcp.org
Mon Nov 15 19:39:39 EST 2010

We are in the process of adding gnutls functions to our apache httpd

The server is running Mandriva cooker (2011.0) with kernel

Apache is at rev 2.2.17
mod_gnutls is at rev 0.5.9

We have encountered a problem with the config file for mod_gnutls.
It includes the statement: 
'GnuTLSCache dbm conf/mod_gnutls/gnutls_cache'.

When httpd service is started, it fails with the following logged error:

[Mon Nov 08 15:52:17 2010] [error] (20019)DSO load failed: GnuTLS:
create DBM Cache at `/etc/httpd/conf/mod_gnutls/gnutls_cache'
(20019)DSO load failed: GnuTLS: Post Config for GnuTLSCache Failed.

Subsequently, I filed a bug against this at qa.mandriva.com 
(Bug # 61598).

In turn I received the following response from Mandriva's package
maintainer, Oden Eriksson:

There is a problem in the code, it seems it's only able to use
ap_server_root_relative and when you set "GnuTLSCache
dbm /some/other/path/foo"
it doesn't work as expected.
ap_server_root_relative = /etc/httpd
Please report upstream.

I attempted to change the dbm path to /etc/httpd, but that had no

Following you initial instructions, I thought it best to introduce the
problem on this list and then receive (hopefully) instructions to
further this along.

I gave some thought to changing dbm to memcached in the interim, but
GnuTLSCache still wants a path. Then I attempted to turn things off (ie:
none) but again it wants a second argument???

The good news is that the virtual hosts for port 443 appear to work just
beautifully but of course caching grabs virtually 2GB of memory to test
it out. Been looking for this solution for a very long time!

Anything I can do to help resolve this I will do.

My thanks for considering this.

George W

"All that is impossible remains to be accomplished."  - Jonathan Franzen

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